Just thought I would share some of the fun projects I was working on last week...

My cousin asked me to decorate a cake for a wedding shower she was throwing for a friend. It was a monogram shower so she wanted her initials on the cake. I think it turned out really cute!


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Globes seem to be everywhere lately! And I am really starting to love this cute decorative accent.


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I finally uploaded ALL the wedding pictures to photobucket! So everyone can view them and order prints if they want. There are some really great pics! I love to look at them! Just click the link below.


So I love award shows. Especially the Oscars! I'm always anxious to see the set design, and this year I really loved it! The lamp shade wall background was a little dif but I thought it was very interesting and I liked it a lot!


I was really bored with the plain white lamp shade on my desk. So I decided to add some ruffles with some leftover linen. I learned how to sew ruffles from the blog Ruffles and Stuff, she has several sewing tutorials that are very helpful. Ruffles are actually pretty easy to make. 

I'm satisfied


For my fall wedding I wanted to use polished logs for the centerpieces. So I asked my wonderful grandfather, Papa, if he could possibly make them using logs from the family tree farm, and he said he would! He worked sooo hard on them, and they turned out beautifully!


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Glossy walls? Interesting but I don't think I would ever attempt this. However, these designers pulled it off rather nicely.


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When I was registering for wedding gifts I picked my pots and pans based on how they looked, because in my dream kitchen there is a pot rack.

These are my beautiful pots

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Last weekend we had a little best friends reunion, it was a miracle that most of us could get together so spontaneously. We went to a new restaurant in Birmingham called Flip Burger, there’s one in Atlanta as well. They have different kinds of burgers and they have more than just beef. I had the Shrimp Po Boyger and Jake had some lamb thingy, not sure what it was called, anyway, it was sooo good! They also have different kind of veggie fries, but the best part was the dessert! If you go to Flip Burger you have to try the Nutella and Burnt Marshmallow milkshake!!!! Yes, it is as good as it sounds! There are actually little toasted marshmallows in it!

I also really loved the modern design of the restaurant, and how they played into the “flip” idea by having a flipped booth over each booth. 


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I don't think I would have ever thought of this, but it is such a great idea. I think for it to work successfully like this picture, the bottom rug needs to be more neutral and the top rug should have a pattern or splash of color. Def might try this one day.


Jake gave me a single red rose to represent our first Valentines Day together as a married couple. He said the more years we are married the more roses I get! I thought this was very romantic! He also gave me a Valentine card that was for a wife! That was exciting, I love it!


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Ever since I discovered the concealed bookshelf I have been obsessed with them! So once I saw this picture of a framed concealed bookshelf I was determined to try this one day.

This was my inspiration photo...

And this is my interpretation...


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We finally have a frozen yogurt place in Auburn! Yay! It's called Tutti Frutti and it is very similar to the Yogurt Mountain in Birmingham. I really loved Tutti Frutti, however, as I walked in I didn't get the overwhelming feeling of pure joy like I get when I walk in Yogurt Mountain. There weren't as many yogurt flavors and not nearly as many toppings to choose from and it cost a little bit more per ounce. But it was still really good! I filled my cup with every fruit flavor they had and topped it with fresh kiwi and gummy bears (my signature yogurt topping), and Jake got chocolate vanilla swirl with strawberry topping (boring). And the best part is, it is within walking distance from our apartment! 


I love it when I find decorative ideas using unexpected items. For example using ladders as both decorative and functional. This is totally brill!


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Today is my mom's 50th Birthday! She is the best mom in the world and I hope she has a wonderful day! 

I love you Mom!


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A few weeks ago I got my hair cut short! I was really nervous about this because I have had long hair for years. It was a big change for me but I really love having short hair and Jake loves it too! He tells me everyday how much he loves it!


I love hospitality design so while we were on our honeymoon I had to take pics of the room. We went to Adventura Spa Palace in Riviera Maya, Mexico. We had an amazing time! We got to eat a lot and sleep a lot and just relax in the sun! I would definitely recommend an all-inclusive resort for honeymoons. Especially if the bride has been worried for months that she wouldn’t fit in her wedding dress. 


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I was watching Cougar Town the other day and I noticed that in the foyer there was a giant clam shell holding the mail. I want to do this!

I love it!

So that got me thinking...what other uses are there for giant clam shells?


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Deer season is coming to a close so this post is inspired by deer heads. Well, actually alternatives to real deer heads...


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After Jake and I got married I moved into his one bedroom apartment in Auburn. We consider ourselves very blessed to have come across this apartment at the perfect time. It is a three minute walk to class for Jake and it is a really great price.

That being said, it was not the most attractive apartment. It has wood paneling everywhere! No offense to those of you who have wood paneling in your homes but I just love a good smooth painted wall. Also, the apartment came furnished with furniture that looks like it came out of a beach condo from the 80’s, and we are not allowed to remove it. I had quite the challenge ahead of me, but I did have a lot of fun transforming apt. 33. 


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I have a huge obsession for glassware. For real I will probably be on the show hoarders one day with a house full of glasses. Anyway, I have been eyeballing the stemware shown below from Anthropologie. I won't buy them of course but I just like to look. So yesterday while Jake and I were at the thrift store I found a tumbler that looks just like them! I was really excited and decided to buy it since it was only $.25! 


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I had tons of product samples left over from my days in the interior design program. I gave most of them to friend still in the program, but I kept a few things that I really liked and had ideas of how to recycle. I love the glass tiles shown below and have been using them as coasters for a while, but I decided to spruce them up a bit.


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