"The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog."

Double-dealing Exposed in Woofieleaks

Citizens fight for off-leash recreation in Golden Gate National Recreational Area
Photograph by Amanda Jones from Unleashed (Chronicle Books, 2017)
Land that was once part of the U.S. military coastal defense system is now at the heart of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Over the past 45 years, land transfers, donations and purchases have been added to create an approximately 80,000-acre coastal greenbelt that runs from Marin County, south through San Francisco and into San Mateo County. Within its current legislative boundary, it shares oversight with other public agencies and land managers, although it has primary responsibility—and rulemaki

A contentious fight for off-leash recreation has raged for decades in Golden Gate National Recreational Area, with the National Park Service threatening to severely reduce access to dogs. New evidence proves that the battle has been fraught with bias, faulty studies and collusion.

San Francisco has a reputation for being dog friendly. More dogs than children live within its city limits, and many companies, especially tech start-ups, encourage employees to bring their dogs to work.

But San Francisco, surrounded on three sides by water, is also the second densest city in the country. As a result, recreational open space is at a premium, and that has led to squabbles in San Francisco’s urban parks, especially over where dogs can and cannot be walked.

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